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 "Corinne had a high powered presentation that had a lot of real world impact on our operations. The information was easy to understand and her real life examples made the information easy to apply to our own circumstances. I am curious to see how it positively affects our operations moving forward. Corinne is engaging, charismatic, and knowledgeable. I found her presentation to be relevant and useful. This was one of the more valuable presentation we have had. I thought this was a great presentation and made me really evaluate how I handle chaos which is a constant at the zoo."

Toledo Zoo & Aquarium 

 "Corinne is one of the most inspirational and thought-provoking individuals you will ever meet. She will challenge you to look at your life and whatever obstacles you may be facing in a different light, helping you examine those self-created roadblocks and what may be behind the fear stopping you from moving forward or making a change. She is authentic and amazingly intuitive. Corinne has an innate ability to go right to the core of a challenge at hand and present thought provoking questions you might not have even thought of. She will encourage you to go out of your comfort zone and really look within, and ultimately teach and encourage you to manifest the things you want out of life."

Krista Quicke - Business Executive, SAP Fieldglass

 " Corinne was a big hit with our convention attendees recently during our annual meeting in Hawaii. Corinne held member’s rapt attention, engaged and connected with the audience throughout her presentation, commanded participant's undivided attention. She also provided great take home value for the attendees that they can immediately put to work , great tools and resources."

Tim Jackson - CEO/President Colorado Auto Dealers Association

 "Her topic, Chaos, is something we all experience daily in our lives. She provided insight to handling chaos in ways that had not occurred to me previously. She also was excellent in engaging the audience and making them a part of the presentation. I thought the topic and delivery were excellent. Corinne was great. Talented, well prepared, rich content, excellent delivery and application. She'd done some great research on our industry prior to so that she could weave in application as we she spoke. Very impressive. Her experiences were real life, not board-room based, personal yet practical. I've never left with two pages of notes, with action items for myself, until yesterday."

Cornerstone Systems

 "We had the great fortune to have Corinne come out to speak to our San Francisco Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) in November and to take us through a workshop on "Thriving in Chaos". Her message was a hit amongst a group CEO's and company owners; and her hands on workshop and application drove the message home perfectly. With energy, passion and a polished presentation, Corinne shares her amazing real life stories in third world countries and uses them to create a framework for preparing for and reacting to chaos and crisis in our everyday lives. If you have the opportunity to get Corinne out to speak for your EO chapter, or other organization, you will not be disappointed!"

Victor Nunnemaker - EO San Francisco

 " I was lucky enough to have Corinne as a coach this past summer. We spent a month in Kenya, which, as you can imagine, brought up many tough things for all of us. From poverty to women’s rights to relationships back home, Corinne’s coaching gave me a perspective I was unable to find myself. Instead of telling me what to do, she guided me through questions until I figured out how to move forward. Now that we are back home, she is still the first person I want to talk to whenever I need perspective or advice. Corinne is a role model due to her deep morality, wisdom and compassion. I value her more than I can say."

Caroline Meserve - Intern, US Senate